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Bob the sloth from the Toronto Zoo Picks Germany to be the winner of the Argentina/Germany game on sunday 

“I think he’s got his mind on the game now. He didn’t go with the bias. Being a South American species, he didn’t go with the Argentinian team,” said Brad Dewolde, the zoo’s outreach program lead hand trainer.

"Even though he’s, generally speaking, a very slow-moving animal, he was very quick to pick Germany. There was no hesitation.”


Yesssss Germany rocks, go go go guys!!

Good god, someone  hold me, I’m so excited I feel almost physically sick…. 

I’ll hold you Abby! It’ll be ok! Just don’t puke on the jersey and we’ll be great (it was more expensive than it should be). Go go Germany go! I’m so super excited!

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Just did the most tumblr-ing I’ve done in well over a week… Lots of distractions recently… Silly iPad games mostly, also a bit of reading. On top of it best friend gas gotten me stupid addicted to the freakin Disney Tsum Tsum game (which I can play on my iPhone and iPad)… It’s adorable and addictive… Disney still kinda owns a piece of my soul… Crazy thing is I still have so many other things to do too… Too much to do never enough time. I did take some time to myself after work yesterday and went to the mall. Came home with new shoes, 3 new shirts, and 5 pairs of earrings. That was nice. I feel so poor and broke now, but it was nice.