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Crying cause my laptop has gotten itself infected with something… It is my only actual computer in the house right now (tablets only go so far as a substitute IMO). Alas there are a few things I def don’t want to loose (not that I want to loose any of it) though we are confident the husband’s brother can fix it, but with this shit wipes are sometimes necessary. All the same it’s upsetting and I’m commending my husband for trying his best at the moment, but his annoyance levels are stressing me out (more than he realizes I think)

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Okay going to step off tumblr for now and go do a actual in person social thing.  We’ve had lots of nasty rain today so I’m bummed that our cute dolly picnic has officially been rained out, so we’re going up the street from the park we were going to meet at to a Wendy’s.  Taking little treat boxes full of chocolates for everyone and need to go pack the dolls.  Will probably take some phone pics and post when there’s a random lull in conversation somewhere like I’ve been doing the last couple of doll meets I’ve been too.

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