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S5e1 rewatch - oh god I’m almost dying in tears about how disheveled Jimmy is outside after the fire now that I’m more coherent and have moments to pause it and lordy… His collar’s undone, now tie hanging untied round his neck and his shirt is all completely untucked. I’ve no idea why he even bothered to button his waistcoat.

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Lady Cora’s line after dinner, “How does it help to answer rudeness with rudeness?” from s5e1, is lovely and in that moment made me think of one of the things I always liked about my mother’s outlook on social situations as such which she also taught to me. At the very least though unlike my mother I don’t go out of my way to be as nice to people I dislike like she does. However this particular line is a very good thing to live by. Tends to also cause a bit less stress about continuing to get angry about the ruder and angrier a rude met with rude conversation can get. Also it suddenly seems very well bred American (which Cora is).

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Rewatching Downton s5e1 with more energy and a less anxious heart finally. Swear in the scene when Thomas is defending Jimmy of not being a revolutionary I swear Bates across the table almost looks proud of him…

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Since being without my laptop I’ve never had such a need for needing it back to use photoshop to create a pumpkin carving stencil of Thomas Barrow for what is going to be pumpkin carving night the last Wednesday of October for my girls night. I simply stated “now I’ve gotta figure out what to carve in a pumpkin and my friend Lacey without missing a beat said “Downton”. My friends know me too well.

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He’s not a revolutionary, he believes in justice for the majority, what’s wrong with that? - S05E01

And in this scene I never felt more proud of Thomas even if he’s never more than friends with Jimmy for sticking up for him the way he does and the thommy fan didn’t stay inside of me while watching and I did scream out at the tv “That’s right, Thomas! Stick up for your man!”

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