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So we didn’t fully loose and have completely no Jimmy paying any attention to Thomas.  In the beginning just for a moment (I’m convinced) he’s doing that thing where he’s following him with his eyes.   Thomas gets up to follow Edna out and just for a moment there Jimmy looking very bored looks up and glances over and his eyes sort of follow him out the door….  and of course the close up on Jimmy wasn’t just for the eyes…..  mmmm Jimmy x Teacup…

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    I read his expression here as “Wait, wERE ARE YOU GOING? Oh right i dont care…”
  7. imnotfoul said: When Thomas is buttering his toast I’m pretty sure Jimmy actually does check him out for a second or two (happens just before this).
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    I hadn’t noticed this. He TOTALLY watches a Thomas leave.(And he’s all jealous; in my headcanon anyway).
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    It did feel very much like a “there he goes again” sort of feel. Like maybe this has happened a few times before just in...
  12. hiddenbrugh said: DAMN RIGHT that’s what i was talking about. Not sure if he follows him with his eyes exactly, but his reaction is totally him aware of Thomas leaving.
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    LOL - it looks like Thomas is practically racing out after Edna. And YES, Jimmy noticed, hence the catwalk past Thomas….
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    i noticed this too and i didn’t mention it mainly because i wasn’t sure if it was Ed’s ‘look like you are thinking about...